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How to Enable USB Debugging and Developer Options on Lenovo K80

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Lenov K80 is the latest launch from the Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo. It is a mid range smartphone with beast like specs. Now if you want to know how to enable Developer Option and enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K80, then here is how to do it.

Lenovo K80 runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop, so basically there won’t be much difference between this device and other Lollipop running device when it comes to enable Developer options and USB Debugging. You can read more about how to enable USB debugging on Android 5.0 Lollipop here.

Enable Developer Options on Lenovo K80

The first and foremost step you should follow is to enable developer options on your Lenovo K80 as without enabling it, you can’t enable USB Debugging. The Developer Options is disabled by default on every Android smartphone, thus you have to enable it manually. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Unlock your Lenovo K80.

Step 2: Now tap on Settings from the Home Screen or App Drawer.

Step 3: Next, scroll down to the bottom of the Settings screen and tap on About Phone.

Step 4: Under About Phone, scroll down and find Build Number.

Step 5: Now, to enable developer options you have to tap 7 times on Build Number. After every tap you will see how many more taps are required to enable developer options in the device.

After you have tapped 7 times on Build Number, you will see a message saying “You are now a developer”. That’s it! you have successfully enabled developer options.

Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo K80

After enabling developer Options, the next set of steps will show you how to enable USB Debugging on your device.

Step 1: Now  again to Settings from App Drawer.

Step 2: Under Settings, tap on Developer Options at the bottom.

Step 3: Under Developer Options, you will see  a toggle to enable USB Debugging. Tap on it to enable USB debugging.

There you go. You have successfully enabled Developer Options and USB Debugging on your Lenovo K80.

Note: Always disable USB Debugging once you have completed the task. As keeping it always enabled could proved to be a security risk.