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How to Fix Google Allo ”Oops, we can’t reach Allo servers”

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Google recently launched its long awaited messaging app known as ”Google Allo”. It is a messaging app from Google which allows you to send and receive messages with your family and friends. Since its announcement from Google, it has been downloaded by more than 1 million people in last few days.

Now many people have been facing an error while using Google Allo named ”Oops, we can’t reach Allo servers”. If you are also facing the same error while using Google Allo then the given steps will help you to resolve this problem.

Fix Google Allo Oops, we can’t reach Allo servers:

Method 1: Firstly try restarting your Android / iOS device, restarting your device may help you in solving this error.

Method 2: If the method 1 doesn’t work for you, then try disconnecting all connected devices to your Wi-fi router and connect your device first.

Method 3: if both above-given methods did not work then try using 3G / 4G connectivity. If your phones lackĀ 3G support then try using any other Wi-Fi network.

Method 4: The next method you can try is to clear all data and theĀ cache of Google Allo app, you just have to go to settings, application manager, select the Google Allo app and select clear all data and clear all cache.

Method 5: If all the above method did not work for you then you can try the last method that is to reinstall the Google Allo app, this might fix the error ”Oops, we can’t reach Allo servers.

That’s it you all can do, and in most of the cases, one of these methods will solve your problem. Do let us know your queries and suggestions in the comment section.